James A. Kodak, Founder: Mr. Kodak, an attorney specializing in intellectual property, has an extensive background in both science and law. He is also a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve JAG Corps. Prior to becoming engaged in the full time practice of law, he worked as a staff scientist at the University of Maryland and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Mr. Kodak has authored several publications involving both scientific and public policy matters. In addition to the technology involved in the pending patent application, Mr. Kodak already holds a patent for an automotive interior heat vent.

Charles A. Garris, Jr.: Dr. Garris is a consultant and professor of Mechanical Engineering at The George Washington University. He is an expert in the field of heat transfer and his research has focused on energy systems, particularly the design of steam-driven engines. Dr. Garris has a long and prolific academic career resulting in over 50 publications, 8 patents and more than $2 million in research grants. He has performed consulting work for numerous engineering firms and has served as an expert witness in over 50 civil cases, mostly involving patent infringement.

Jon T. Lynch: Mr. Lynch is a CPA and a Senior Tax Accountant with Hercules Incorporated in Wilmington, DE. He specializes in International Tax matters and has more than 10 years of Tax Planning and Tax Compliance experience. He primarily works with the foreign subsidiaries of multi-national corporations and is responsible for assessing the effect that foreign operations have on US Tax liabilities. He is also knowledgeable with regard to non-US taxing jurisdictions.

Steven A. Stein: Mr. Stein is the Director of Equipment Manufacturing for the North American Division of IBA Molecular, Inc. Mr. Stein has worked as an electrical engineer for over 18 years with a focus on the manufacture and development of analytical instruments and radio isotope detection equipment. He also has extensive experience in the area of industrial sales and servicing.


HVC is dedicated to the development of machines and vehicles powered via stored thermal energy. Our innovative heat reservoir steam engine (HRSE) design promises a practical third way of storing power for mobile machines including, but not limited to: cars, buses, boats, and lawn equipment. As with the rechargeable electrochemical battery, power is ultimately derived from the grid, but HRSE charges much faster and never needs replacement.


HVC is an early stage Maryland C corporation. We are actively seeking capital in order to test the performance of our HRSE design. If you're interested in taking a financial interest in this ground breaking work, contact Jim Kodak at or you may call him directly at (443) 831-6838.


Any questions or offers concerning our company should be submitted to Jim Kodak at

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